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We clear drains, toilets, sinks, tubs, locate problems in drain lines, remove roots in drain lines, install and repair of sewage and effluent pumps plus control panels for residential and commercial customers. We’re reliable, we’re prompt and we’re pros…we really know what we’re doing.

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We deliver fast, dependable service. We are insured, have over 25 years experience, use the latest techniques and are competitively priced.
You are our number one priority. 24/7 Emergency Service available.

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Residential & Commercial Service Area

We offer state-of-the-art services for business and industries located in
Orange County NY, Ulster County NY, Dutchess County NY, Putnam County NY, Westchester County NY, Rockland County NY, Bergen County NJ, Passaic County NJ, Sussex County NJ.


Drain Cleaning
Septic Inspections
Video Sewer Inspections
Pump Installations & Repairs
High Pressure Water Jetting
Odor Control
Frozen Lines Thawed
Septic Tank Locating
Pipe & Utility Tracing

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Drain Cleaning

Clearing normal buildup, grease, food stuff and root infiltration from drain lines up to 6 inch in diameter.

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Septic Inspections

Thorough investigation of existing septic systems to determine their operational condition including septic tanks, pump tanks and all types of disposal areas.

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Video Sewer Inspections

Used to identify and locate causes of problems, conditions of pipe and allows for exact excavation for repairs as well as direction and location of drainage pipes.

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Pump Installations and Repairs

Specializing but not limited to Goulds’ Pumps, we install and repair all types of pipes including sewage, effluent, sump, grinder and cutter pumps.

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Drain Cleaning
Commercial & Residential
Drain Cleaning

Clearing normal buildup, grease, food stuff and root infiltration from drain lines up to 6 inch in diameter. We also provide preventative maintenance services and clean your sewer lines before they cause a messy back up. Our preventative maintenace contracts save our customers time , money and mess!

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Video Sewer Inspections
for Home and Business

Video cameras are valuable tools in the sewer business. DrainWorksLLC provides video inspections of pipelines that can locate your problem quickly. We can inspect your sewer lines before you dig, and prevent pipe damage. We also provide a full color DVD of your septic inspection.

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High Pressure
Water Jetting

Do you have serious problems with your pipes? We offer high-pressure drain and sewer cleaning services. Our state-of-the-art unit shoots high-pressure water into the line and removes all sorts of debris. It liquefies and flushes the debris out of sewers and manholes on private property.

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Septic-Tank-Locating Services electromagnetic-locater-
Septic Tank Locating
for Home & Business

Having difficulty locating your residential or commercial septic tank? Call on DrainWorksLLC. We offer reliable, superior, and affordable septic tank location services. We use an electromagnetic locater, the most modern tank location technology available.

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