Our Mission

Founded in 2003, Drainwork’s Mission is to offer top quality service at reasonable prices while maintaining a friendly professional approach to a customers needs.
We look for ways to complete the job at hand without disrupting a customer’s busy day. We pride ourselves in the strong relations we have built with a customer base that continues to use our services and look forward to adding to that list.

Why Choose DrainWorks

  • Dependable & Reliable

  • Responsive 24/7

  • Experienced 25+ Years

  • Insured

  • Full Time Professionals

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Honest & Hardworking

  • Attention to Details

  • Personalized Service

Our experience

Drain Cleaning - 25 years
Septic Inspections - 24 years
Frozen Lines Thawed - 24 years
Pumps Installed & Repaired - 20 years
Septic Tank Locating - 17 years
High Pressure Water Jetting - 15 years
Video Sewer Inspection - 12 years


  • “Of course my drains backed up the day before my daughter’s graduation party.  Frantic, I called out to friends and neighbors looking for a good reliable company to help me out.  DrainWorks came with a high recommendation and I am so glad I called them.  They understood the urgency and when they were done the cost was just what they said it would be.”
    ~ Mrs. R.

    Mrs. R.
    Hillsdale, NJ
  • “I had hired DrainWorks to inspect a septic system at a house I wanted to buy. They made the appointment easy, explained the process and were thorough. The result was knowing of several small issues that could have become major expenses if they were not corrected.”
    ~ Marion F.

    Marion F.
    Westchester County
  • “Having several rental properties it is great to know a call to DrainWorks will get the job done without a lot of fanfare. Whether a backed up sink or the entire building is having problems they have proven to be up to the task. I will continue to use their service with confidence.”
    ~ Bruce H.

    Bruce H.
    West Milford, NJ
  • “As a septic pumper and contractor we are happy to have found DrainWorks! We know recommending DrainWorks will result in prompt, professional service which reflects positively on us.”
    ~ Joe M.

    Joe M.
    Mahopac Septic
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